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Our Work with Universities

Our vision is to become a trusted partner for Universities by helping them to deliver impact using our knowledge, expertise and networks.

Beta works at the interface between industry, the public sector and academia, and we therefore understand each one’s individual needs. We are well established in the UK, EU and in international innovation networks, with reach across a number of sectors. As a result, we can help universities to develop meaningful relationships and deliver projects with real impact.

Delivering Impact through Partnering

Beta’s broad range of skills and experience enables us to ensure that our work is bespoke and flexible. As a partner, we can offer expertise in:

  • Industry engagement – Providing access to new industry partners, including SMEs, project management support to ensure projects deliver impact for both industry and academic partners;
  • Business development – Understanding the public sector and policy landscape, highlighting future opportunities, facilitation of new partnerships and projects, bid management;
  • Access to public funding – Increasing your chances of success and supporting the development of impact sections, allowing academics to focus on the science. Proposal writing, partner searching and financial management;
  • Communications and dissemination – Developing case studies to demonstrate and articulate the impacts of university research, industry focused dissemination;
  • Exploitation of intellectual property – Independent brokerage and advice, market development;
  • International links – Offering access to overseas networks and collaborators including Europe, Australia and Brazil.

Please explore our case studies to find examples of our work with universities.