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Case studies 1

Training Course on Research Impacts

A two-day training course on research impacts was designed and delivered to a group of researchers in Turkey.

Horizon 2020, the EU’s research programme, and national research schemes are placing more emphasis than ever on research impacts to justify investments in R&D. Research teams across the EU and beyond are commonly failing to address the requirement to define and quantify impacts in research proposals.

To address this gap, Beta developed a training course on research impacts and delivered it for the first time to a group of researchers from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey in late 2015. The two-day programme, delivered by Beta Director Jayne Evans, was attended by 30 academics and contained the following elements:

  • Defining and quantifying research impacts;
  • Key Exploitable Results;
  • Developing dissemination plans to deliver impact;
  • Exploitation and economic impacts;
  • Wider impacts and engaging with policy makers;
  • How to measure and evaluate impacts.

The course also included an insight into best practice and tips for success on how to achieve the highest scores in a competitive bidding environment.

Beta delivered the course as part of the Newton Fund Capacity Building Programme on behalf of the British Council.