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Automotive Technology Strategy

Mapping university capabilities against sources of funding and opportunities to collaborate with industry, developing key messages and driving marketing

Beta experts undertook a technology mapping exercise on behalf of Brunel University. The purpose was to examine their technical capabilities in relation to the automotive industry, and specifically align them to the priorities within the UK’s automotive technology strategy.

The project also examined where the university’s capabilities overlapped with the current and emerging needs of the automotive industry, and identified sources of public funding for research from funders such as Innovate UK and the European Commission (Horizon 2020).

Experts held interviews with key academics at Brunel across a number of departments. This helped to identify the wide range of technical capabilities and areas of particular strength. This was then mapped against a matrix of key technologies.

As a follow on project, Beta then facilitated a workshop with researchers to draw out the key benefits of collaborating with Brunel University. The results were used to develop a range of marketing material for ‘Brunel Automotive’ to showcase the research capability at the university.

Marketing Automotive Technology Capability

Working with a design agency, Beta developed a ‘Brunel Automotive’ identity which was then used to produce a promotional brochure and flyers. In addition, Beta developed a promotional video to demonstrate the University’s capabilities to the automotive industry.

Over the course of around 18 months, subsequent printed material was developed for The Institute of Energy Futures, The Institute of Materials and Manufacturing and The Institute of Environment, Health and Society.

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The results of this exercise enabled Brunel to have a more effective and coordinated approach when marketing their research capabilities, and provide them with a more competitive edge.

“Beta have demonstrated a good understanding of our business needs and responded quickly to changing priorities. They have offered strong support and creativity throughout the projects they have worked on and we feel overall excellent value for money. Through Beta’s expert network they have provided us with good links to other organisations. They are now an approved supplier and our relationship has developed so that working with Beta is now a strategic partnership. We would recommend Beta to any University wanting to market their expertise, to understand their offer better and generally drive forward ideas”

Elizabeth Mullis, Brunel University