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LIFE National Contact Point

Assisting UK organisations to apply for European funding

LIFE funding supports environment and nature conservation projects throughout the European Union. As well established experts in European funding, Beta was contracted, by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) from 2010 to 2015 to provide a support service for UK applicants, as LIFE National Contact Point. The aim of the service was to promote the funding and support the development of high quality proposals from the UK.

The promotional activities included the dissemination of funding opportunities to potential UK applicants, with a specific focus on attracting newcomers. A variety of channels were used to disseminate information about LIFE including making presentations at events and using social media.

LIFE 1 Case Study Infographic

One of the main objectives of the client, Defra, was to build the capability and capacity of UK stakeholders to successfully bid for LIFE funding and ensure that the UK’s allocation of funding was fully utilised. Training and coaching was therefore a large part of the contract and Beta experts were responsible for organising and delivering workshops and webinars as well as one to one support. The content of the training was focused on:

  • The application procedure, including proposal structure and financial regulations;
  • The evaluation criteria and process;
  • What constitutes a good proposal;
  • Using the Logical Framework methodology to develop projects. A website was also provided which hosted useful material such as top tips and lessons learnt, best practice guides and case studies. Beta was also responsible for helping applicants to find partners in other EU countries and liaison with the funders, the European Commission.

From 2010 to 2014, Beta supported:

LIFE 2 Case Study Infographic

Over the past twenty years, Beta has supported the submission of thousands of proposals from UK organisations, bringing significant amounts of funding into the UK.  Please contact our Europe expert Steve Bradley for more information.