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Case studies 1

Space Sector Market Development

Assessing the business potential for satellite applications in the UK market

The rationale behind the assignment was to support the client to increase the market penetration of their products and services in the UK. This was achieved by looking at how the client could leverage the group’s product portfolio to provide a wider offer to the UK market, combined with an analysis of the wider UK market opportunities and understanding the current and required capabilities in the UK to meet these aims.

Beta experts undertook a comprehensive opportunity analysis of the UK market, and identified priority areas of focus. They also looked at the needs of the client to meet the market opportunities and engaged with key stakeholders in the sector, including potential customers.

The final deliverable from the assignment was a comprehensive report and action plan. These provided the client with a detailed assessment of UK market opportunities and a competitor review, a list of strategic priorities for each market area, and the level of investment required to generate increased sales and short term opportunities for immediate development, including collaborative projects.