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Case studies 1

University Business Plan Development

The development of an overarching business plan to focus a UK university’s research portfolio in a way that integrates industry and university research objectives

Brunel University London has been successful in attracting significant research funding in support of its world class research in liquid metal engineering. The portfolio of projects, including EPSRC and Innovate UK funding, covers fundamental science through to industrial research activities. The university and industry have both committed significant funds, in partnership with public sector grants, and includes the establishment of significant UK facilities at the Uxbridge site.

In 2015, Beta was commissioned to develop a business plan using our expertise and experience from establishing national centres of excellence, such as Cenex, together with our automotive and metals expertise. Combining these three capabilities enabled the development of an overarching business plan for the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST).

The assignment led to developing a comprehensive business plan that addressed the following:

  • BCAST overview;
  • Strategic context;
  • Research excellence;
  • Industrial engagement;
  • Partnering opportunities;
  • Facilities and market offering;
  • Budget and financial projections;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Management structure;
  • Communications and marketing;
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

The business plan outlined a number of recommendations and a supporting timeline and was well received by the client.