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Atom Probe Tomography applied by research team from Japan

Pioneering research enriches our mechanistic understanding of the unique role niobium plays in improving the properties of commercial steels.

A research team led by the Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan has won the 2017 Charles Hatchett Award. The award is made annually to the best research paper on the science and technology of niobium and its alloys. This year’s illuminating paper explains how detailed atom probe tomography studies have been used to clarify the mechanism through which niobium improves the high temperature properties of a ferritic stainless steel, widely used for automotive exhaust manifolds. This innovative research has a much broader application to our understanding of the role played by niobium across the full range of commercial steels where niobium is added to enhance their properties.

The 2017 Award winners presentation and a video, produced by Beta, are available to view here.

For further details about the 2017 Charles Hatchett Award Winners, please visit the Charles Hatchett website.

2017 Charles Hatchett Award winners receiving their medals from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Pictured from left: IOM3 President Martin Cox, Ken Kimura, Kazuto Kawakami and Jun Takahashi.