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  1. Laurence Archibald

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    Laurence Archibald is Managing Director of M4 Technologies Ltd, a company involved in establishing and undertaking research projects involving materials, metals, manufacturing and management activities. Laurence has over 40 years experience in the contract research arena particularly in collaborative projects involving industry, academia and UK and EU funding agencies.

    Laurence gained his first degree in Metallurgy and has a PhD in Surface Engineering, the latter being a field in which he has been particularly involved for much of his career; he is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials Finishing and an Honorary Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham. He has also been active in the medical (bio) materials area and, until recently, was part of the Management Team of the Health Technologies Knowledge Transfer Network.

    For more than 10 years, Laurence has assisted UK and EU funding agencies in defining the scope of research programmes in the field of materials engineering and assessing the quality of research proposal submissions. Also, as an EC Project Technical Advisor, he has acted as an interface between project participants and relevant EC Project Officers.

  2. Janet Bainbridge OBE

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    Janet is the Chief Executive of Agri Technology Organisation for UKTI and is a non-civil servant specialist

    Janet has a personal Chair in Biotechnology and Food Science, and an OBE for Services to Science and Technology .She was a former Dean of Science and Technology and has a wide range of scientific publications. She is a national expert in the regulatory framework relating to the genetic modification of plants and has Chaired many national and international expert panels.

    She was a Senior Specialist Advisor (Government and Europe) to One Northeast from 2004-2007. Janet was also a founder member of the Science and Industry Council and was seconded from academia to the position of Chief Executive of EPICC (European Process Industries Competitiveness Centre) from 1997 until 2001 when EPICC became part of the Centre for Process Innovation.

    Prior to following an academic career, she was senior research microbiologist at J Sainsbury Limited and has maintained close links with businesses across the food chain and has delivered a large portfolio of consultancy and non-executive roles bridging the gap between public and private sectors.

  3. Richard Ball

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    Richard is the managing director of Keston Technologies Ltd, a consulting company with offices in the UK and Australia that specialises in  innovation, regional development and economic and business strategy. He is also the managing director of MCPA Software Ltd, a UK-based company that owns, develops and markets software in the area of complex chemical modelling.

    Prior to 2004, Richard was the founding chief executive of the National Metals Technology Centre Ltd., helping to better position the UK metals industry in international markets. He was also vice president of business development for UES Software Inc. based in the UK and US.

    Technically, Richard has a fundamental grounding in physical chemistry, materials and nanotechnologies to PhD level and has managed various technical teams; while at AEA Technology plc, Richard was Market and Sales Director for the AEA Nuclear Sciences business, Manager of the Analytical Chemistry Department and also established the AEA Technology Centre for Advanced Materials at Begbroke Park, in conjunction with the University of Oxford, becoming the first director of the Centre.

    Richard’s academic/university background includes published research in atomistic modelling in oxide systems and experimental crystal structure determination; Lecturer, New College, Oxford; Industrial Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford; member of the sub-Faculty of Chemistry, University of Oxford; visiting Research Fellow, Imperial College, London and adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Western Australia.

    Richard undertakes a range of monitoring and evaluation activities for research and technology development projects, both as individual projects and at the portfolio level. Current assignments include Monitoring Officer for the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) for innovation development projects in the UK; Project Technical Advisor (PTA) for the European Commission (EC) on eight multi-national, multi-partner collaborative R&D projects; International Expert for the Interim Evaluation of Research and Development for Innovation projects for the Czech Ministry of Education and Independent Evaluator for the Great Southern Development Commission (Australia) for a Regional Grants Scheme.

    Richard also works on a range of strategic studies, the development of innovation-related activities and initiatives and economic analyses, feasibility studies and business cases.

  4. Tony Burne

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    After a Doctorate in chemistry, Tony joined the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (now Defra) as an administrator and worked closely with Ministers, Parliament and the EU and many international organisations on a wide range of policy issues. These included conservation, finance, science strategy, farming, education, fisheries, livestock and health. There was a five year secondment to the FCO at the British Embassy in Washington, as well as a period in running Ministerial Private Offices. On retirement from Defra and the Senior Civil Service, Tony acted as a consultant to Defra on some science and OECD matters. Since 2004, Tony has been Secretary to the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (Ofgem) and Adviser to its Chairman, The Lord Mogg, KCMG – employed in the role as one of Beta’s consultants. Tony served as a Non-Executive Director from 2006 to 2017 and now supports Beta as an Associate with a focus on business development.

  5. Luke Dalton

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    Luke is based at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and manages the EU-funded STAR-IDAZ Global Network for Animal Disease Research. This brings together 24 of the major research funders from 18 countries world-wide, with a further 30 countries engaged through regional networks for Europe, Asia and Australasia, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Project partners come mainly from ministries of agriculture, international organisations, industry, research councils and institutes, with the aim of coordinating their activities and aligning research programmes to maximise efficiency and add value to animal health research and innovation.

    Through STAR-IDAZ, Luke has been involved in a number of global research networks including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions intensity from improved animal health. He has facilitated a number of regional and global foresight exercises including the use of scenarios, backcasting and driver analysis.

    After obtaining a BCA in Management and BSc in Biology in New Zealand, Luke worked for the Ministry of Fisheries as a scientific observer, aboard foreign vessels fishing in New Zealand waters, before moving to the UK in 2005. He managed the veterinary medicines and antimicrobial resistance research portfolios for Defra before joining Beta in 2008 as the Project Manager for the EU-funded EMIDA ERA-Net (Coordination of European Research on Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Livestock).  His experience and interest in foresight and futures studies led him in 2013 to undertake an MSc in Risk Analysis from King’s College London.

  6. Martin French

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    Dr Martin French, PhD, MBA, is the founder of innovation consultancy Manor Halt. His career includes leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and med-tech industries, health technology start-ups, a Government economic development agency and as an independent consultant offering interim management, with a focus on innovation and technology exploitation.

    Martin has broad experience of developing and managing programmes and teams addressing technology innovation, product development and commercialisation. With innovation leadership roles in both private and public sector organisations Martin has a sound understanding of the UK innovation landscape and the challenges faced by companies in bringing new ideas to market. He has held Director level responsibilities in both private and public sector organisations and has significant experience of building partnerships and developing relationships with senior decision makers in businesses, Government, the public sector and universities.

    His recent roles and responsibilities include: Head of Innovation at the East Midlands Development Agency, responsible for designing and implementing a region wide innovation strategy and support programme; Interim Innovation Director, led the start-up team and development of a £multi-million innovation support programme for supply chain companies in the Derby area, working in rail, aerospace and automotive sectors; Providing market research, business development and project management support to Loughborough University academic to explore the commercial potential of a novel biosensor technology through a HEIF funded enterprise project; On behalf of a North of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) carried out a benchmarking survey of open innovation activities currently offered by LEPs, Local Authorities and their partners.

    Martin has a PhD in bioanalytical chemistry and an Executive MBA from Loughborough University.

  7. Naiomi Grant

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    Naiomi is the director of Perfectly Apt a company specialising in virtual administration and corporate venue find.

    Naiomi has over 10 years of administrative experience, specialising in the corporate meetings and events industry. Her skills include organising and facilitating administrations processes for business who require ad-hoc support. Her previous role at Beta included the editing of images for the editorial team using various computer packages.

    Naiomi’s specialism is organising events such as meetings, conferences and team builds both within the UK and overseas. Her knowledge of the industry and venues is used to assist corporate clients in finding the ideal venues for their events within their budgets and requirements.

  8. Silvia Gross

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    Silvia Gross is Senior Research Scientist of the Italian Research Council (CNR) at IENI-CNR, Padova, and she has been working as Project Technical Advisor (PTA) as well as Expert Evaluator for the European Commission since 2007 for FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. She is currently appointed as PTA by Beta. Since 2014 she is the PTA of the European Cluster on Catalysis.

    As a civil servant, she acts as Lecturer of Inorganic, Environmental and Colloid Chemistry at the University of Padova, as Associate Professor at the University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), as Italian Delegate in the European Synchrotron User Organisation (ESUO), and she regularly spends periods as visiting professor at the University of Gießen. Silvia gives advanced and PhD courses at the Universities of Padova, Salzburg, Gießen and Nova Gorica.

    Her current research activity, documented by about 115 scientific publications in ISI journals (7 reviews), 5 book chapters, 25 further papers in conference proceedings and technical reports (h-index is 24, Scopus, 2015), is mainly focused on a) the synthesis and characterisation of organically modified transition metal oxoclusters and of functional inorganic-organic hybrid materials; and b) the synthesis of metal, metal oxide, sulphide and halogenide colloids by wet chemistry routes, mainly miniemulsions and solvo/hydrothermal synthesis.

    She is/has been coordinator of more than 30 research projects carried out at the DESY, ESRF, ANKA, Elettra, PSI, Soleil Synchrotron facilities. About 35 invited lectures have been given at universities and research centres, as well as several invited talks at international conferences and symposia.

    Born in Padova, Italy, in 1971, Silvia studied Chemistry at the University of Padova, where she got her master degree. In 2000 she was awarded the Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the same University. In 2001 she got a Lise Meitner Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) and spent 18 months at the Technische Universität Wien.

    Her main expertise covers, inter alia, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, hybrid materials, catalysis, colloids science as well as spectroscopic and X-ray-based characterization methods for materials science.

  9. Dimitrios Karadimas

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    Dimitrios is founder and Managing Director of Vision Business Consultants (VBC), a technology consultancy supporting businesses to realise their technological and operational goals, in Athens, Greece. He has an M.Sc. in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Cranfield University, UK and a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Roger Williams University, USA.

    Dimitrios has more than 30 years of industrial experience, a significant amount of which is in electronics and telecommunications manufacturing companies. Prior to VBC, he served as General Manager in an innovative technology solutions and services start-up, focusing on the delivery of ICT solutions and services to the IT and telecoms industry. Earlier, he served for several years in senior technical and commercial management positions in medium and large size multinationals.

    His experience also includes working on a significant number of EU and nationally funded research technological development (RTD) projects in the areas of production management, product and process design, enterprise modelling, supply chain and logistics support, business process reengineering and product life-cycle management. Dimitrios is currently providing consultation as an industry expert to several of the European Commission Directorates-General and Agencies on Framework Programmes and Horizon 2020 projects’ review and evaluation, project technical advisory, as well as exploitation and innovation strategy consultancy.

  10. Paul Lemmens

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    Paul is an electro-technical engineer (1970, KUL, Belgium) with long technical, operational and managerial experience in power generation, product development and research and development.

    Paul worked for more than 25 years in fossil fired power plants in Belgium and abroad. From 1996 to 1999 he was in charge of new energy related product development for large industrial customers. From 2000 to 2008 he was Managing Director of Laborelec, an international R&D company in electrical power and energy technology with more than 250 specialists offering top energy services all over the world.

    During this time, Paul acquired a broad range of competences: operation and management of fossil fired power plants, energy savings, renewable energies, care for the environment, quality and safety in companies, product development, customer relations, development of creativity in business, innovation strategy, business development and organisation, motivation of people, growth, building enthusiasm and passion in teamwork.

    As a result of his extensive experience Paul founded KREIVO in 2009, a company focused on increasing the innovative power of companies by making teams familiar with idea generation techniques, inventive thinking, problem solving and new product development processes.
    Since 2010, Paul also works with the European Commission providing evaluation and technical advice on Horizon2020 projects for energy savings and sustainable development.

  11. Mike Lowden

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    Mike graduated in metallurgy from Aston University in 1970 and studied for a PhD at Birmingham University before returning to his roots in the steel industry.

    After several years in research and development there he embarked on a series of functional and general management roles in the advanced metals and manufacturing sector. This gained him invaluable experience in the forging and casting of a wide range of metals; including steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium alloys.

    Latterly he has spent a number of years on new product development both at home and overseas. These developments in engineering businesses were either direct company funded or through part funding support from European Union sources.

    Mike has a long term association with Beta Technology having worked on establishing and developing Centres of Excellence for Metals (NAMTEC) and Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies (CENEX), amongst others.

  12. Vincenzo Nicolò

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    Professor Vincenzo Nicolò is a freelance advisor in the areas of Management of R&D, Technological Development, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing. His advice has been sought by diverse industrial and governmental organisations throughout Europe.

    Vincenzo has a long background in industry. He was Group Innovation Director at Mandelli S.p.a. (machine tool sector), Managing Director and CEO at Innovare S.p.A., (a technology transfer company belonging to Banco di Napoli), responsible for Manufacturing Innovation at Fiat Auto and Director of Planning at Fiat Research Centre, where he had previously held the position of Head of Technology Department and was responsible for Productive System Research.

    Vincenzo qualified as Associated Professor of Mechanical Technologies (1987), was one of the founders of the Italian Robotics Society (SIRI) becoming its first Secretary General (1975). He is currently Chairman of the Technical Board of UCIMU, the Italian association of Machine Tool builders and a fellow of Intentac Entrepreunership Academy.

  13. Peter Sheard

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    Dr Peter Sheard is the Chief Executive of Trend 2000 Ltd, a consulting firm focusing on EU project management, and Trend CP Ltd, which specialises in property development and the construction of bespoke executive homes.

    Since 1988 Peter has initiated and managed over 50 multi-national development consortia within various national and international initiatives concerning the selection, design and processing of polymeric composite materials and construction industry applications. He has also spun out and operated several manufacturing SMEs set up to exploit the results of international research. As a result of his extensive technical and commercial experience Peter is regularly contracted by the European Commission. He currently works as an evaluator in the Horizon 2020, Eurostars and Czech National programmes, a reviewer of ongoing projects within the SME programme, and is a Project Technical Advisor (PTA) on 10 projects within the FP7 NMP programme, including Factories of the Future (FoF) and Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB). He is the EU cluster facilitator for the area of ‘Joining of Dissimilar Materials’.

    This experience is also put to use in a consulting capacity where Peter has been regularly assisting universities and SMEs across Europe with innovation planning and training/mentoring for the development of proposals under the European Commission Framework Programmes and Structural Funds across a wide range of technical and scientific disciplines.

    Peter has a first degree in Economics and Materials Technology and a PhD in Corrosion of Polymer Composites. He has published over 40 articles in journals, conferences, seminars and books.