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Laurence Archibald


Laurence Archibald is Managing Director of M4 Technologies Ltd, a company involved in establishing and undertaking research projects involving materials, metals, manufacturing and management activities. Laurence has over 40 years experience in the contract research arena particularly in collaborative projects involving industry, academia and UK and EU funding agencies.

Laurence gained his first degree in Metallurgy and has a PhD in Surface Engineering, the latter being a field in which he has been particularly involved for much of his career; he is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials Finishing and an Honorary Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham. He has also been active in the medical (bio) materials area and, until recently, was part of the Management Team of the Health Technologies Knowledge Transfer Network.

For more than 10 years, Laurence has assisted UK and EU funding agencies in defining the scope of research programmes in the field of materials engineering and assessing the quality of research proposal submissions. Also, as an EC Project Technical Advisor, he has acted as an interface between project participants and relevant EC Project Officers.

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