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Silvia Gross


Silvia Gross is Senior Research Scientist of the Italian Research Council (CNR) at IENI-CNR, Padova, and she has been working as Project Technical Advisor (PTA) as well as Expert Evaluator for the European Commission since 2007 for FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. She is currently appointed as PTA by Beta. Since 2014 she is the PTA of the European Cluster on Catalysis.

As a civil servant, she acts as Lecturer of Inorganic, Environmental and Colloid Chemistry at the University of Padova, as Associate Professor at the University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), as Italian Delegate in the European Synchrotron User Organisation (ESUO), and she regularly spends periods as visiting professor at the University of Gießen. Silvia gives advanced and PhD courses at the Universities of Padova, Salzburg, Gießen and Nova Gorica.

Her current research activity, documented by about 115 scientific publications in ISI journals (7 reviews), 5 book chapters, 25 further papers in conference proceedings and technical reports (h-index is 24, Scopus, 2015), is mainly focused on a) the synthesis and characterisation of organically modified transition metal oxoclusters and of functional inorganic-organic hybrid materials; and b) the synthesis of metal, metal oxide, sulphide and halogenide colloids by wet chemistry routes, mainly miniemulsions and solvo/hydrothermal synthesis.

She is/has been coordinator of more than 30 research projects carried out at the DESY, ESRF, ANKA, Elettra, PSI, Soleil Synchrotron facilities. About 35 invited lectures have been given at universities and research centres, as well as several invited talks at international conferences and symposia.

Born in Padova, Italy, in 1971, Silvia studied Chemistry at the University of Padova, where she got her master degree. In 2000 she was awarded the Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the same University. In 2001 she got a Lise Meitner Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) and spent 18 months at the Technische Universität Wien.

Her main expertise covers, inter alia, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, hybrid materials, catalysis, colloids science as well as spectroscopic and X-ray-based characterization methods for materials science.

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