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Jayne Evans


Director and co-owner of Beta since 2006, Jayne is passionate about business development and has delivered considerable impact for both Beta and its clients across a number of sectors. As a business development professional and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Jayne has built up a considerable international network and can very quickly identify opportunities and connect the right people together.

Jayne started her career at Beta in 1997 as an advisor to companies in the agriculture, fisheries and food sectors on European funding for research and development. During this time, she successfully helped companies prepare research proposals, connect with partners in Europe and ultimately access the funding. Jayne developed an understanding of how to build consortia and develop good quality proposals, something she still applies today to both Beta and a range of clients. Since then, Jayne has broadened her network beyond Europe and has strong links and interests in Brazil.

Beta has a solid reputation for ‘making things happen’ and Jayne herself has acted as a catalyst in setting up a number of Beta’s key projects. This includes a large scale business support project in Doncaster and more recently a metallurgy editorial committee, amongst many other projects.

Jayne is an expert in communications, including the dissemination of research results, something which stems back from her experience in European projects. Currently she is managing dissemination activities for a wide range of clients internationally, including universities and multinationals. A highlight of her career to date has been producing a metallurgical history video on behalf of a Brazilian company about how research carried out in Sheffield over 50 years ago, has successfully shaped the development of their current market.

Beta has an ethos of developing people and networks, and as a director of Beta, Jayne firmly believes that relationships are key in any business and listening and responding to the needs of clients is embedded in ‘how things are done’ at Beta.

Jayne is also a director of Refurnish, a local social enterprise in the reuse sector, a company she first came across when building a local business support programme.


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