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Advanced Materials

Our international network of experts covers a broad range of disciplines and we have a particularly strong competence in metallurgy. Not only can we provide experts to deliver technical assignments, we can also support complementary activities such as specialist dissemination and communications, mentoring and supervision of research projects, access to funding and project partners and market development for new materials applications.

Beta Metallurgy

We can provide expert metallurgists for a range of technical assignments. Our clients range from steelmakers to end users and across a number of sectors including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, rail and construction. Through partners we can work internationally.

Our experts can provide:

  • Technical support on all aspects of metallurgy including: alloy design, material selection, mechanical properties, process  optimisation, material characterisation;
  • Independent advice and troubleshooting: failure analysis, process audits, independent assessment of compliance with supply conditions;
  • Mentoring and supervision of projects and research students;
  • Literature reviews;
  • Support with the development of research papers and technical publications, including editorial review;
  • Identify potential employees with specific expertise, or good new graduates with a materials background.

For more information please contact Jayne Evans.