Beta Technology

Who We Are


Our Proposition

Being small means that we have an outward-looking mind-set. We work to catalyse change through:

  • Understanding sectors, networks and cultures. This means not just relying mechanically on studies of what has happened in the past, but also on an analysis of future opportunities, bringing a genuinely international and cross–sector element to our services;
  • A real strategic focus, built on bringing together our clients’ capacities and ambitions, the operating environment, and rigorous identification of specific actions that will deliver progress;
  • Understanding the frameworks within which our clients operate. We help businesses to understand not just the funding and regulatory formalities, but also the unwritten subtleties;
  • Access to people who can provide the knowledge that our approach requires. We are a small core team, but our ecosystem of consultants and associates, built on 30 years of networking, provides an unrivalled fund of experience across many sectors.