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Metallurgy Training

Metallurgy Training

Our experts have designed a range of courses which can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. They can help you access the latest developments and build the technical capacity and knowledge base required to design new products for a range of sectors.
The one-day courses are offered as part of the AMRC Training Centre’s Continuous Professional Development programme. Further details, with downloadable PDF links are as follows:

Alloying Elements in Steels

To provide an in-depth understanding of the effects of the different alloying elements found in steels. This will cover the effects on processing, properties and heat treatment. The content can be tailored to concentrate on specific alloying additions, if required.

Microalloyed Steels

To provide a detailed understanding of the fundamental metallurgy, alloy design, processing, properties and applications of microalloyed steels.

Steels for the Automotive Industry

The course aims to familiarise attendees with the types of steels used in modern automobiles covering both the body and the powertrain.

Understanding Mechanical Test Data for Metals

This course takes attendees beyond a simple knowledge of the standard test techniques. It discusses factors which can affect the values measured and how the mechanical test data can be used to determine fitness-for-purpose in specific applications. The concept of uncertainty in test values and how it can be estimated is also discussed.

The cost for each one-day course is £450 + VAT.

For further information please contact Melanie Batty.