Beta Technology



Advanced steels for the automotive sector

The automotive sector faces a number of challenges and the development of advanced steels has enabled manufacturers to produce greener and safer vehicles.  Beta’s Dr Peter Morris explained these metallurgical developments at the recent AMRC Forum “Metals for Challenging Applications”.

He highlighted the fact that the the automotive industry has produced a whole new set of steels and that if industry can work together there is the opportunity to completely change the metals available to them. He also believes that these steels can be used in different applications and have the potential for use in other demanding applications outside of the automotive industry.

Industry experts from across the Sheffield City Region were present to hear the latest advances from across the metals supply chain. Dr Morris presented alongside speakers from Corrosion Resistant Materials Ltd, NiTEC, Broder Metals Group, AMRC Castings  and Liberty Steels, whose CEO Peter Hogg advised that an abundant supply of scrap metal and green energy are key to sustainable steel manufacturing. Mr Hogg also reinforced the importance of companies collaborating to work together on different technologies and applications.

To read more about the event and what was discussed please visit the AMRC website.