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Sharing knowledge at final DynaHEALTH meeting in Brussels 

As this four-year collaborative project draws to a close, the project partners are preparing for the final consortium meeting in Brussels next week.  Partners will have the opportunity to share and discuss the research results. 

Beta’s role in the project has been to steer the exploitation of the project results and one of the key outputs of this work is to facilitate dialogue with policymakers. We are holding an event at European Parliament next week as part of this final drive to share and disseminate research findings. MEPs and senior representatives from the European Commission and World Health Organization will be present to hear about the policy implications of the research which has emerged, supporting a whole life-course approach to healthy ageing. Furthermore, biological factors should be considered alongside psychosocial factors, such as employment status, as they also play a significant role in identifying risks for unhealthy ageing. 

The project team at Beta have also developed an innovative publications map, a visual representation of the research mapped along the life-course. Claire Webster has played an instrumental role in its development and said:

“I’m looking forward to launching this novel initiative which will leave a legacy of our research work.” 

Reflecting on the last four years, Beta Director Jayne Evans remarked:

“This has been a challenging journey, bringing together teams from across Europe to coordinate the dissemination of a very complex and multidisciplinary area of research. Translating the findings into something meaningful for policy makers has been a key role for Beta and I look forward to presenting at European Parliament next week”