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Peter Sheard


Dr Peter Sheard is the Chief Executive of Trend 2000 Ltd, a consulting firm focusing on EU project management, and Trend CP Ltd, which specialises in property development and the construction of bespoke executive homes.

Since 1988 Peter has initiated and managed over 50 multi-national development consortia within various national and international initiatives concerning the selection, design and processing of polymeric composite materials and construction industry applications. He has also spun out and operated several manufacturing SMEs set up to exploit the results of international research. As a result of his extensive technical and commercial experience Peter is regularly contracted by the European Commission. He currently works as an evaluator in the Horizon 2020, Eurostars and Czech National programmes, a reviewer of ongoing projects within the SME programme, and is a Project Technical Advisor (PTA) on 10 projects within the FP7 NMP programme, including Factories of the Future (FoF) and Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB). He is the EU cluster facilitator for the area of ‘Joining of Dissimilar Materials’.

This experience is also put to use in a consulting capacity where Peter has been regularly assisting universities and SMEs across Europe with innovation planning and training/mentoring for the development of proposals under the European Commission Framework Programmes and Structural Funds across a wide range of technical and scientific disciplines.

Peter has a first degree in Economics and Materials Technology and a PhD in Corrosion of Polymer Composites. He has published over 40 articles in journals, conferences, seminars and books.

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