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Fabienne Boué-Bigne

Principal Consultant

Fabienne graduated from Loughborough University with a PhD in 2000, sponsored by the oil industry, on the development of new methods of calibration for chemical measurements by Laser Ablation coupled to ICP-MS, to enable the direct quantitative measurement of trace elements in solid samples.

She expanded on her original expertise, working in the steel industry for 15 years, leading the development of new technical methods.  The development of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) applications was her main focus.  Implementation of these LIBS applications in steel production, for rapid screening of product defects, was a step-change in the process of product release testing, improving reliability significantly and removing bottlenecks.

She also investigated the use of LIBS as an online technique for monitoring chemical changes at various stages of the steelmaking process, from iron making to coating, in order to provide live data for improved process control.  She has expertise in a range of steel characterisation techniques and multivariate statistics enabling the extraction of insightful meaning from data.

Fabienne proposed and led numerous commercial research projects, published papers in journals with high impact factor in her field of expertise, and is involved with monitoring European commercially-led projects in the field of “factory wide control”.

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