Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems.


CENTS is a research network, bringing together skills and experience from academia and industry to address the growing need to reduce the environmental burden of transportation systems across their lifecycle. Whilst increasing the energy efficiency of these systems has already attracted a lot of attention, more effort must now be placed into their resource efficiency. This is particularly important as building trains, cars, ships and aircraft consume high amounts of resources and they have negative environmental impacts during their production, use and at the end of their working lives.


The CENTS network will address this challenge through research projects and knowledge transfer. Integrating Circular Economy principles is at the core of this approach and the network will stimulate thinking around future designs, business models and manufacturing processes. It will fund high risk, multidisciplinary, excellent research focusing initially on five research strands:


  • Material stocks and flows in transportation;
  • Whole life design;
  • Circular Economy decisions;
  • Circular Economy transitions;
  • Digital circularity.
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Getting Involved

The CENTS network will hold regular events to enable dialogue between academia, industry experts and policy makers, from across different disciplines. This multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge transfer will not only identify research challenges, but potential solutions and will stimulate new collaborations.


Beta is an industry expert member of the CENTS network, bringing a combined knowledge of both raw materials and transport. Through being active in this field for a number of years, Beta has engaged with a broad range of organisations, internationally, from raw materials suppliers to policy makers. It is this knowledge and insight that enables us to join together organisations with different perspectives to find common ground and stimulate the innovative thinking required to address the challenges of CENTS.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more and engage with CENTS, you can visit the network website. It contains details of forthcoming events and calls for proposals. Or you can download the CENTS flyer.