Taking your ideas to market

We provide a fresh perspective on your technology, helping to grow its value and accelerate commercialisation.

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What we do to support our clients

Lets Talk About Obesity

Tackling one of society’s biggest health challenges


The STAGE Project

Finding ways to help people stay healthy through ageing


About Niobium

Learn more about niobium, including its properties, applications, and impacts.

Circular Niobium

How we add value to complex global innovation projects

We connect people, knowledge and funding to promote innovation.


Our team is passionate about science and technology. We are building collaborations and supporting projects that will deliver the game-changing technologies we need for a greener and healthier future.

Our vision is to use our networks and know-how to full potential. Building collaborations that will develop game-changing technologies for a better world.


Insights into Beta Technology and our projects

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Research, Innovate and Emerge

Beta is supporting a programme from Brunel University London to raise the innovation potential of SMEs.

Tackling the ‘unknowns’ of air pollution

Improving our understanding of its impact on our health.

Just keep talking…

Making our written and verbal communications understandable and effective.

The transition to a circular economy

Reducing our impact on the environment through the sustainable use of resources. 

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