Funding business innovation

How we supported a manufacturing company to identify and secure public funding.

BGB Innovation

BGB Innovation is a UK based manufacturer. Its core business is providing engineering solutions, primarily slip rings and brush holder packages, to a number of global markets including wind turbines, military and medical applications. They have a long history of innovating and developing new products.

Ambitions for business growth

Public grant funding is very competitive, and identifying and applying for funding requires a company to commit time and resources with no guarantee of success. Bringing in external support from Beta funding experts helped them realise their ambitions for business growth.

Identifying public funding opportunities

Following detailed discussions and an onsite assessment, we tailored a monthly business development service, identifying public funding opportunities aligned with BGB’s strategic goals. Each month a list of relevant funding opportunities, along with related events, news and potential collaborators, was provided to BGB. In addition we provided bid management and writing services as required, and managers were able to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our staff to supplement their own resources, resulting in a successful grant application to Innovate UK.


Our support has helped BGB to understand the ins and outs of public funding and provided the resources and skills to successfully apply for innovation funding.

Beta’s rigour and support has enabled BGB to successfully secure around £90k of competitive R&D funding.

Director of Finance, BGB Innovation