New Professional Network

Connecting and empowering the people, technology, and resources behind the circular niobium revolution.

Circular Niobium

Our recent work with Innovate UK, Echion Technologies and the British Geological Survey highlighted the need for and developed our understanding of circularity in niobium as we enter an era defined by significant demand and policy change. The rate at which the industry evolves will continue to accelerate and we expect partnerships and collaborations to play a critical role in navigating it successfully.

Founding Membership Call

Beta Technology is excited to announce that applications to join Circular Niobium as a founding member are now open. We look forward to working closely with our founding members to ensure the tools and resources reflect your evolving needs and meet your expectations. The Circular Niobium centre will create significant value for both industry and society, becoming a crucial resource behind and in support of sustainable Niobium use.

What will the Circular Niobium platform offer?

Material Flows & Availability Tracking

A set of tools and supply networks that allow you to source raw, recycled, and processed niobium product globally with confidence.

Supply Mitigation Strategies

Access the latest practical, actionable strategies to minimise risk and ensure a reliable, stable niobium supply, tailored to ever-changing market conditions.

Policy and Legislation Tracker

Stay ahead with our policy tracking and analysis tools, designed to keep you abreast of evolving policies and legislations impacting the niobium supply chain.

Supply Chain Connectivity

An evolving set of connectivity solutions and initiatives aimed at enhancing cooperation, efficiency, and trust across the entire circular niobium supply chain.

Recycling Information Hub

Your central source for critical insights, best practices, and the latest technology in niobium recycling, which helps drive sustainability and inform planning.

Supply Chain Resilience Analysis

Proactively identify vulnerabilities in your supply chain using our comprehensive resilience analysis toolkit, enabling you to anticipate and effectively respond to disruptions.

Policy Engagement


Representing and amplifying your voice. Offering unique opportunities to engage with the policies and policymakers shaping the future of the niobium industry.

Innovation Launchpad

Igniting your potential with our Launchpad, designed to nurture innovative ideas and transform them into practical, industry-leading solutions in the realm of circular niobium.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more, please contact the project lead, Richard Wrigley, at Beta Technology, you can also join the Circular Niobium LinkedIn Group to network with other stakeholders and share your views.