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Richard Wrigley

Managing Director

Richard Wrigley is Managing Director and co-owner of Beta, and has led the company, since 2006, to develop an increasingly international business. Richard’s core philosophy is the development of innovative solutions through connecting people and organisations, often from different backgrounds, sectors, and countries.

Richard’s early background was in the telecommunications industry, as an electronics graduate, where he quickly established a reputation for ‘making things happen’ by seeking out novel solutions to industrial needs. Beta has always had a ‘can-do’ approach and Richard and his co-directors have built on this to establish a business that reaches across the world.

Beta has had a long connection with Brazil and Richard has met with senior government officials in Brazil to help forge understanding for UK businesses wishing to engage in technology transfer, and also issues of policy between the European Commission and Brazil.

The importance of people with particular skills and experiences to the business is illustrated by Richard’s drive in forming a significant group of materials experts from across Europe to support the European Commission’s monitoring of large scale research projects.

He also ensures that Beta plays a supporting role locally to the businesses based in South Yorkshire, and through his membership on the local Doncaster Enterprise Board he has provided input on topics such as innovation and manufacturing, and raising the sights of local businesses to the opportunities further afield.

The most recent connection between people, in this case through a Beta Associate, has led to a joint venture with an Australian company AMPLIFi Global, where Richard is the Chairman of this UK joint venture company.


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