Technology Developer Accelerator Programme

Bringing independence and experience to develop and improve support for innovators in the automotive sector.

Public funding for technology developers

The Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) is a publicly funded support programme managed by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The programme is aimed at micro or small and medium sized companies to accelerate the development of innovative technologies that can be applied into the automotive sector. A key feature of the programme is to attract technology developers who have no previous experience of the sector, using the APC’s network to better understand the market and assess the potential of their technology.


Independent and impartial review


The Beta team has been involved since the pilot phase, brought in to undertake an independent review to shape the development of the full programme. Our experts used their knowledge and experience of supporting small businesses, commercialisation and automotive technologies during the pilot phase to develop recommendations for the funders.


A key suggestion we made from the pilot phase was to introduce a stronger element of business planning, to help the beneficiary companies not only capitalise on the technology developments achieved during the support programme, but also to help them progress as a business after the intervention.


Continuing the success of the programme


Under waves 1 to 4 of the programme, our role as an independent reviewer has continued, providing an objective review of the intervention. The programme has facilitated the development of a range of very interesting technologies, and our broad base of experience has supported our discussions with the companies on how the programme is supporting their specific needs.  Providing this niche blend of expertise in technology development, public sector programmes and business support has helped the APC to further develop and refine the programme.


How TDAP supports innovators


Find out more about the TDAP Programme on the APC website.

Beta are a valued partner in the delivery of the APC’s TDAP programme, providing independent assessment of the programme. This includes contact with all programme participants. Utilising their sector experience and strong understanding of the interplay between technology commercialisation and economic impact, Beta have supplied us with timely and valuable feedback, enabling APC to report out the success of the programme to date, as well as improve the programme where possible.


Beta have been responsive, flexible and approachable in their work with us, this customer centric approach has been critical not just in delivery of their work to the APC, but also their close contact with our clients.

TDAP Manager